Getting the balance right

Testimonial – Bryan Holmes, Matamata
Making his farm system more “cow-centric” and basing his feeding system to his herd’s needs has started to pay dividends for Matamata farmer Bryan Holmes.
Bryan’s 720 head herd is split 50:50 between spring and autumn calving but one problem has underscored the past years’ calving is having to grapple with milk fever at levels that were becoming unmanageable […]

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New Approach to Transition Feeding Favoured

New Zealand dairy farmers are urged to tip their thinking about calcium supplements and wintering on its head to get the most out of their herd’s production into spring time and beyond.

Dr Joe McGrath, Asia-Pacific is the manager for nutrition company DSM and adjunct senior lecturer in ruminant nutrition at the University of New England in Australia. Dr McGrath’s research focuses on the critical relationship between between macro minerals, primarily calcium, and health […]

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Managing Facial Eczema

Once sporidesmin pasture spore counts are above 20,000/g nutritional strategies are a vital tool to reduce the impact of facial eczema in a herd or flock. The use of zinc in the diet of grazing stock, as a drench, in water or in feed, has long been recognized as one of the most effective methods of minimizing the impact of facial eczema. […]

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