About Sollus

Sollus joins DSM - one of the world’s largest and most innovative feed science companies, with Image Holdings – one of the the most trusted names in New Zealand animal nutrition to achieve

  • A fast response to market requirements
  • A detailed knowledge of ruminant nutrition.
  • Access to the best product portfolio and pipeline.

We founded Sollus in the belief that:

  • Good science should be available to all.
  • New Zealand farmers are missing out on clear cost benefits which could be critical when their profitability is being challenged.
  • Sub-clinical conditions are limiting production.
  • Too many sick animals are non performing and incurring high vet bills.

Sollus draws on DSM’s expertise in five key areas


The foundation of immunity and health. Antioxidants allow ruminants to channel nutrients to production and to improve their resistance to disease challenges.


The basis of every animal’s ability to remain productive and healthy, as a key source of nutrient reserves including Calcium and Magnesium.


The ability of the animal to convert the nutrients made available to it into either muscle, bone or milk will determine its efficiency and long term productive potential.


Improved utilisation of nutrients through supplements or grass will ensure a more efficient animal, reducing nutrient losses through Green House Gases and effluent, reducing the animal’s environmental ‘footprint’ and improving its productivity.

Antibiotic Free

Solutions to animal health issues that in the past have required antibiotics, as more markets require low residue, non anti-biotic solutions to animal health.

Sollus NZ is backed up not only by DSM's commitment to high quality animal nutrition and supplements, but also with an experienced, respected research. 

At a farm level the Sollus technical and sales team are on the ground, ready to listen to New Zealand farmers' livestock health needs, and ensure we can meet those needs.