The Lactisol Range

Our milk companies love to promote our great dairy products as the best source of calcium. Do you ever to stop to wonder where this calcium comes from? Every gram of calcium in milk comes from the cow in one way or another. There can be up to 20g of calcium a day produced by our top cows. 

That is 60g of limeflour that is absorbed from the feed broken into ionized Ca, transported in blood to the mammary gland and then built into milk. All day, every day. However, if you search for calcium and dairy cow nutrition in New Zealand most of the advice is to restrict calcium from cows, especially in the dry period which is when she is building reserves for the coming spring. Cows with deficiencies in calcium and phosphorus run the risk of bone fractures, mid lactation milk fever, downers after weather events, increased levels of infection and short peak milk periods. 

If you have any doubt that calcium deficiency in New Zealand cows is an issue, talk to Massey University who are investigating the recent epidemics of bone breakages in the New Zealand dairy cows.

Lactisol™ is all about calcium. In combination with Tranzsol™ in the transition period, Lactisol™ provide the right elements for mineral absorption. 

Optimum absorption of calcium and phosphorus is required for strong healthy cows, putting back what we take out. It does this in a number of ways…. 

  • It balances the diet to make sure cows are receiving the right amount of vitamins and minerals for their stage of production and time of year. 
  • Provides the “next generation” source of Vitamin D, Rovimix Hy-D®, which ensures optimum uptake of Vitamin D and utilization within the animal. 
  • Is a source of biotin which is essential for the synthesis of keratin in hooves and for energy uptake in the liver. Lactisol™ contains Rovimix® Biotin. Is a source of zinc which is a component of a wide variety of enzymes and proteins supporting metabolism, growth, production, and reproduction. 
  • Zinc is required for production of protective keratins in the hoof and teat. Lactisol™ contains Multi stage release Zinc compounds for optimal uptake and utilization. 
  • Is a source of antioxidants to improve health and support the cow's immune system to fight infection. Is a source of ruminally available magnesium for a better, safer response. 
The combination of Lactisol™ and the right macro mineral balance in your cows diet will result in stronger cows. A deficiency of available calcium in cows in early lactation is the major pre disposing factor of diseases such as ketosis, dystocia, mastitis, milk fever, retained membranes, metritis and is also linked to poor production and low fertility. 

You spend less money on fixing sick cows and generate more income with healthy cows putting more milk in the vat.

The Lactisol™ Range

The Lactisol range is designed to meet the needs of different New Zealand farming systems, production levels and seasons. Lactisol 400, Lactisol 500, Lactisol 600 and Lactisol Blender Z each meet different needs and are available in 3 different forms; Proton, Nucleus or Complete. 

Refer to the table below to see which product may fit your farm. Then, check out the information below the table to learn about the different products.

Mineral Options Production Level
  350 - 450 MS/cow 450 - 550 MS/cow 550+ MS/cow
Supply own Mag, Lime & Salt Lactisol 400 Proton Lactisol 500 Proton Lactisol 600 Proton
Supply own Lime, Salt* Lactisol 400 Nucleus Lactisol 500 Nucleus Lactisol 600 Nucleus
Mag, Lime & Salt Included* Lactisol 400 Complete Lactisol 500 Complete Lactisol 600 Complete
Elevated Zn for facial eczema (available to blenders only) Lactisol Blender Z, Proton and Nucleus forms available.

* Mag requirements can vary from farm to farm and at different times of the year. Consult with your Sollus rep for more information

Lactisol 400

A full range of minerals plus Biotin to maintain production and health in dairy cows milking 350 - 450 milk solids a season. It contains DSM Rovimix® Biotin for keratin production - a key component of healthy hooves.

Lactisol 500

The vitamins, minerals and antioxidants required to maintain production and health in dairy cows producing 450 – 550 milk solids a season. Plus, it contains Hy-D®, DSM’s unique form of vitamin D, and DSM’s Rovimix® Biotin for keratin production.

Lactisol 600

Formulated to meet the elevated nutritional requirements of high producing cows and cows in barn systems. It contains elevated levels of vitamins, minerals and antioxidants. Plus, it contains Hy-D®, DSM’s unique form of vitamin D, and DSM’s Rovimix® Biotin for keratin production.