The Tranzsol Range

The first and best nutritional intervention in dairy cows should be a transition program. The transition process involves the cow changing from an animal that expels little or no product (fat, carbohydrates, proteins, minerals and vitamins through milk), to an animal that produces huge amounts of these products. To do this we must allow the cow to consume a healthy diet so she can transition easily herself. Pasture is not always healthy for transitioning cows. Mainly because it is too high in cations (potassium, ammonia, sodium) that can cause calcium deficiencies and oedema. 

To allow for an effective transition we must do three things: 

  1. Adjust the rumen to the milking diet. This reduces the chance of Ketosis, Acidosis and Displaced abomasum. 
  2. Provide adequate antioxidants so that the cow has well developed immunity. This reduces the incidence of Mastitis and Retained Placenta. 
  3. Allow the cow to have enough available calcium, so she does not get Milk Fever. This is the most important point as a Milk Fever cow will not eat (which initiates point 1) and will have a lower level of immunity (point 2). 

We have formulated the best and easiest transition supplement for a New Zealand Dairy cow. Tranzsol™ incorporates antioxidants, magnesium, calcium and most importantly Rovimix Hy-D®. This combination allows cows to safely transition even when consuming pasture. Tranzsol™ is formulated for diets containing approximately 50% pasture and 50% silage/concentrate mix. However, it may still be fed with all pasture diets.  

Tranzsol Complete

Tranzsol™ Complete is for the user who wants to make sure everything is mixed effectively and in the right proportions. It’s all in one bag.

Dose Rates:

480g/cow/day for 14 days* pre calving + colostrum herd.

Start when cows begin to show signs of springing (typically 14 days before calving) and continue into colostrum herd.

Tranzsol Nucleus

Tranzsol™ Nucleus is formulated for those who can utilize their own limeflour and magnesium chloride, it still contains all the vitamins, trace minerals and Rovimix Hy-D®. It is recommended for use with mixer wagons.

Dose Rates:

100g/cow/day for 14 days* pre calving + colostrum herd (plus 100g MgCl and 280g limeflour).

Start when cows begin to show signs of springing (typically 14 days before calving) and continue into colostrum herd.