Dr Joe McGrath



0061 419 173 115

Heading up DSM’s animal nutrition division as ruminant technical manager, Dr McGrath’s experience and credentials underscore the Sollus commitment to delivering farmers trace element and supplement products based on good science and evidence. 

His experience stretches from researching and lecturing on animal health and nutrition at Australia’s University of New England, to farm-side experience as nutrition manager at Rangers Valley cattle station. 

While at the University of New England Joe researched the mineral-vitamin interactions in grass based dairy and beef systems. Much of the science he studied there has been applied to the Sollus nutrition and mineral products now available in New Zealand. 

Eight years spent at Rangers Valley meant Joe was heavily involved in developing nutritional programmes for 50,000 head of cattle Today Joe covers much of the Pacific region advising a wide range of ruminant farmers on how best to optimise their feed inputs and maximise animal health, welfare and productivity. 

His experience both in nutritional research and hands on feed operations mean he is well placed to offer farmers practical, affordable and realistic advice on addressing their production issues.

Erin Stables

Business Development Manager


027 714 4148

With over 20 years of involvement in the agricultural sector, Erin is well known to many farmers, particularly in the upper North Island.

He has experience on both sides of the fence when it comes to being a farmer, and advising them. This includes several years running a large agribusiness machinery company, and also being involved in a family owned and operated farming business in the Waikato.

Erin brings a deep understanding of the challenges that seasonal pastoral farming systems present to farmers wanting to optimise animal production, and the ability to offer the best solutions to those challenges.

Erin welcomes the opportunity to discuss herd nutrition and mineral needs, and how Sollus can help improve your herd’s productivity.

Bruce Hemingway

Account Manager


021 241 0104

Bruce joins the team with a lifetime of experience in the rural sector and a wealth of knowledge that can only come from operating and owning a farming operation himself.

From farm ownership Bruce moved into the rural retail sector starting on the shop floor and moving up to management level. Bruce was recruited by a supplier into a career in dairy hygiene for 10 years where he was highly regarded for his ability in dealing with milk quality issues and related animal health such as mastitis, etc.

From there he moved back into the rural retail sector but this time as an account manager, helping farmers from Taupo to Northland, ultimately leading a team of on farm technical field officers in the Bay of Plenty and Waikato.

Bruce became the senior advisor on agronomy, crop and seed and nutrition and within the business.

 He has a large network of professionals he can call on for specific expertise if need be and a passion for the industry.

 Feel free to give Bruce a call.