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In grazing ruminant systems, especially in beef, sheep and heifers, it is often hard to maintain optimum nutrition. Water application systems are effective at adding some trace minerals but run the risk of causing unavailability of the minerals as well as not being an effective way of supplementing many of the macro minerals and vitamins.

Free access supplements that repel rain give an option of maintaining optimum macro and micro nutrient intake. Recently an outbreak of broken shoulders and displaced scapulas in dairy cows and heifers have highlighted the requirement for proper nutrition in grazing animals.

Most farmers are aware of problems with pasture tetany and how it is caused by a deficiency in magnesium due to high levels of potassium in the pasture but few realise that even a slight reduction of magnesium can cause a reduction in growth rates in livestock.

The Stay Dry™ range is formulated for specific circumstances and specific dietary requirements. Intakes are a guide but animals will regulate themselves depending on their environment and stage of production. Typically excess consumption is due to a deficiency in sodium (common salt), if intakes have not come back to the normal range after several weeks then often giving access to pure salt as well as the Stay Dry™ product will quench their craving.

All Stay Dry™ products are rain proofed. After heavy falls of rain simply tip the water off the supplement and the Stay Dry™ product is back to normal.

Sollus Staydry is a cattle and dairy feed waterproofing agent.