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Welcome to Sollus NZ…

Sollus is a New Zealand based animal health company providing high quality supplements, made in New Zealand for New Zealand conditions. We help Kiwi farmers match their animals’ nutrition requirements with whatever feed is available to maximize production, and farm profit.

Sollus is founded on the principal of production animal welfare - healthy animals are profitable animals.
Our research focuses on offering sustainable, affordable trace element and supplement solutions to address specific challenges facing animals in grass fed farm production systems.


Sollus Lactisol Product - dairy lactating cow suppliment
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To meet nutritional needs of high producing dairy cows.

Scientifically formulated to meet the nutritional requirements of cows when grazing pasture and consuming meals/silage. Lactisol contains all the minerals, vitamins, antioxidants and HyD required for optimum production and health in high producing dairy farms.
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Sollus Tranzsol Product - Transitional Calf Feeding Program
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For optimised calcium metabolism prior to calving.

Contains highly available sources of magnesium, calcium, trace minerals and antioxidants. Contains HyD, a highly available source of Vitamin D. Vitamin D is required for optimum calcium metabolism prior to calving.
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Sollus Staydry Product - feed waterproofing agent
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Free choice, water repelling vitamin and mineral supplement for cattle & sheep.

Free choice supplement for grazing cattle and sheep. StayDry contains minerals to alleviate deficiencies and remove the requirement to inject for trace mineral/vitamin deficiencies. StayDry has water repelling technology inbuilt, so won't be destroyed in the rain.
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